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Evangelism, soul winning or fishing for men, is the heart beat of God. It is for this purpose His only begotten Son left Hs heavenly glory and splendor to come and seek for lost souls on earth so as to save them.

He eventually paid the ultimate price required to redeem man from sin. Having being saved by this GOd's gracious provision, we are unequivocally called into the ministry of soul winning. This must then preoccupy us to the extent it becomes our waking and walking thoughts. To succeed in it requires our all.

Jesus our Lord and Master has shown us His inspiring example as a model for us to follow. He never allowed any opportunity to save a soul slip of Him. He was fuly engaged and employed every means to fish for souls.

The saints of old did not lag behind either. They engaged every mean and

explored every opportunity to preach the saving gospel of Christ, fishing for

Souls by all means and at all costs. In our contemporary times, we have more than at any other time in history, means offishing men for God and caling them to salvation. Especially, today's pervasive technologies come handy inbpreaching the Gospel. Remember that God is the giver of the wisdom and knowledge that come to play in the development of today's technologies.

Believers should, therefore, not relent in employing these new developments in God's business of soul winning. As the world engages these technologies in secular and sinful practices of various dimensions, we as Christians must provide the opportunities they provide in fishing souls for God.

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