How we should guide our sight against lust

 How we should guide our sight against lust

We experience and interact with the physical world through our physical senses. These senses, such as sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, have a significant impact on us, and our emotions are often influenced by the information they provide to us. Lust often originates from what we see or hear, which then triggers our thoughts by avoiding things that trigger these thoughts. We can reduce the likelihood of battling lust. Even though we're Christians, we still face temptation as our humanity did not die when we received salvation. Rather than testing our endurance, it is essential to flee from any form of temptation to avoid falling. The devil will not tempt us with things that do not matter to us. Instead, he tailors his temptations to our desires. Therefore, we must protect our hearts by guarding our senses and the environment we expose ourselves to. Discipline in what we see, hear and experience can help protect our hearts from temptation. We must learn to flee when faced with temptation to overcome lust. We can make a covenant with our eyes to not look at naked people. By guarding our eyes, we can avoid exposing ourselves to things that would trigger lustful thoughts. Job 31 one demonstrates the power of our will and the importance of making covenants with ourselves. We can choose not to look at someone lustfully and guard our eyes from nudity. When we continue to behold things that lead us towards lust, we give the enemy something to use against us. Our bodies are temples of God and we must treat them accordingly.

We receive the life of Christ and His sacrifice for us, and we must live our lives for him. As a result, we should consecrate our eyes to God and focus on the Word of God rather than on lustful images. Making a covenant with our eyes can serve as a reminder of our commitment and help us overcome temptation. Joseph is a classic example of someone who stood for what he believed in the face of temptation. When he was alone with Potiphar's wife and the woman asked him to sleep with her, he had an opportunity to become established in that household because of that woman, or to be falsely accused by many people in the future. He chose to be falsely accused by many. The truth was that Potiphar's wife was trying to use him as a tool to get over her own issues. He fled from her presence, leaving his cloth behind, and this is how he was able to protect his heart from lust while he was falsely charged and accused and placed in prison. Not once did he change. He became someone who chose to honor God, even with his body. You should do the same. Honor God with your body. David was a different Bible character that chose a different path. One day he was on the rooftop when he saw a woman bathing. He requested that this woman be brought to him and he slept with her.

This was a married woman. And so David tried to cover his sin by making her husband spend time with her at home, but her husband refused and spent more time in the palace. David conspired to kill and killed the husband. He allowed the images he saw to control him and let them rule and ruin his life. The first step to his destruction was seeing a naked woman. He did so many wrong things to justify his lust. It was when God sent a prophet to him, telling him that he did wrong and declaring punishments for him, that he realized the extent of the wrong that he committed. We must learn from David to guard our eyes from seeing images that will put us in trouble. We should consecrate our eyes to God so they won't lead us into sin. Most of the lustful thoughts we battle with. Start with what we see. The devil uses those images to keep us in bondage. You may need to streamline what you see and carefully pick the images that you allow into your mind. It's time you made that covenant with your eyes that you will not see a naked person. This is a way to offer your eyes as a living sacrifice to God. You can protect your heart by protecting your eyes. Carefully choose the movies you watch, the TV shows you consume, and the people you allow around you. This is how you can protect your eyes from seeing lust filled images.

There are certain things that you can choose not to see. Protect yourself from those. However, there are times when some images may appear before your eyes that you have no control over at all. Instead of beating yourself up over what you can't control, make the knot more than once rule. When such an image appears or such a person appears before, you do not give them a second look. It's harder to obsess over something that you did not see more than once. It's important that we not only do our part in protecting our hearts from lust, but also learn to rely on God. Sometimes we may feel genuinely weak and overcome with emotions. We need to ask for his help when we make a covenant with God. We need His help to keep it. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to ask God for help, to guard our eyes and keep the covenant. We must remember that God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. He desires for us to be vulnerable enough to admit that we can't do anything without him, and that we need his strength to carry out his will. If you feel like you're in a place where you're about to give in to temptation. You should run to God and you should rest on him completely to help you overcome it. God is the one who can give you the strength to keep you from falling and allowing lust to rule over you.

When we choose to keep our bodies pure from sin, we honor the Temple of God. And we should be aware that God will help us do this if we ask Him for his help. No matter how strong we are, we're even stronger with Jesus by our side. God wants us to be free from anything that the devil can use against us. And he wants us to live a life free of lust. Making a covenant to protect our hearts from lustful thoughts is essential. Let's make a covenant to not look upon any image that would cause us or tempt us to lust. Except for the person we're married to. As we do, God will help us to keep that covenant with him so that we can live a life that brings honor to him. Let us pray. Pray this prayer along with me. My dear Lord, I'm grateful for the gift of salvation and for your sacrifice on the cross that set me free. Lord, I want to live a life that honors you. And to honor you with my body and with my mind and with my eyes. I ask that you would help me guard my heart against lustful images and that you would help me to keep the covenant that I have made, to not look upon any image that will cause me to lust. Help me to live a life dedicated to you. Thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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